docoyo in the hospital

How it works

We attach beacons, UWB tags, RFID tags, and barcodes to objects. Additionally, receivers are installed in the building. The generated location and process information are sent to docoyo.Trackable and processed from there. Via your computer or mobile device such as smartphones or tablets, you can easily access your data.

Tracking of medical equipment

Medical equipment is usually only available in limited quantities but is kept in different treatment rooms or on different wards, or it is stored centrally and then lent out. This leads to a lack of transparency about where required equipment can be found.
Localizing required equipment and instruments via search and find it in real-time on your livemap to avoid unnecessary time for searching.

Tracking of beds and equipment in processing

Part of the daily work in hospital is processing of beds and other equipment such as moved containers, roll cars and bedside tables.
docoyo.Trackable provides an overview of which equipment is available in what amount or is still in processing.

Perpetual and physical inventory

Perpetual inventory: Keep track of your equipment and easily draw complete lists of your inventory anytime, including current location and last point in time recorded.
Physical inventory: docoyo.Trackable supports the execution of physical inventories with the help of mobile scanners. Track the inventory progress via your live dashboard. Compare actual to target inventory and monitor deviations such as equipment not found or found but not expected.

Monitoring of maintenance cycles

Simplify planning and monitoring of the maintenance cycles of your equipment. Store relevant information such as maintenance intervals, internal versus external maintenance or product groups. Use different views to better plan maintenance and get notified if there is a need for action.

Analysis of movement profiles

Moved objects and persons cannot only be tracked on your live map, but you can also generate movement profiles. Movement paths can, for example, be depicted in the form of spaghetti diagrams, duration and location in the form of heat maps. The generated data is the basis for process optimization and your way to further become a lean organization.

Monitoring of sensor data

Sensor data play a central role when cold chains have to be kept up (monitoring of fridges, storerooms, containers for transport) or when air humidity is not to exceed defined thresholds. Keep track of the course of sensory data and get notified as soon as deviations occur.

Features of docoyo.Trackable

  • Live Tracking & History
  • Monitoring & Alerting
  • Order and Process Tracking
  • Automated Inventory
  • Reports & Statistics
  • etc.