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docoyo.Trackable allows localization and tracking of objects and persons along with processes.
Real-time locating systems (RTLS) on the market provide raw position data,
which is insufficient to make business decisions.
We solve this issue and turn position data into relevant process information.
Having an open architecture, we can use RTLS hardware from different vendors.
We have proven expertise in manufacturing and healthcare.

How it works

We attach beacons, UWB tags, RFID tags and order barcodes to objects. Additionally, receivers are installed in the building. There are multiple localization technologies in the market. Being independent of specific producers, we help you to find the right mix of hardware from bluetooth to ultra-wideband, RFID and barcodes, so you can make a well-founded investment decision.

The generated location data is sent to docoyo.Trackable. Via your computer or mobile device such as your smartphone or tablet you can then access the data.

docoyo.Trackable processes the generated data and provides process information as well as decision-making support.





  • Live Tracking & History
  • Monitoring & Alerting
  • Order and Process Tracking
  • Automated Inventory
  • Reports & Statistics
  • etc.

This is what docoyo stands for

Masanori Fujita
Founder and Managing Director

  • We like to solve challenges in a well-targeted and uncomplicated manner – straight away and without extensive projects.
  • We are cutting-edge with our industry expertise and experience in software development. For many years, our hands-on mentality and customer proximity has made us a leader in this field.
  • We are practical just like our solution. We’re economically accessible, quick, and effective!

Dr. Nicolaj Kirchhof
Founder and Managing Director

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