Social Distancing and Contact Tracing Solution

Business needs to be kept going despite the Coronavirus crisis. More than ever, employees need to be protected from health risks.

docoyo Contact Tracer helps organizations and employees to practice social distancing in the time of the COVID-19 pandemic and to understand the chain of infection in case of positive test results.

Start preventing infections using docoyo Contact Tracer and fuel the fight against the pandemic today.

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Social Distancing Wristbands

Using specialized Bluetooth-enabled wristbands, employees are automatically warned with a vibration alarm in case they come too close to other people wearing the wristband. In addition, a red light indicates the alarm state.

All near-distance contacts are recorded on the wristband. The wristband can store up to 20.000 data points. This is sufficient to cover several weeks in normal usage.

Bluetooth Wristbands

Contactless Upload of Contact Tracing Data

Once a day, employees upload the collected data from the wristband to the docoyo Back-end using the docoyo Terminal App. Employees may use their own Android device, but do not need to. A wall-mounted Android smartphone or tablet is all you need to set up an upload terminal accessible for your employees.

The docoyo Terminal App provides a contactless workflow. As soon as users hold their wristband in close distance to the terminal device, the download process starts automatically and the data is uploaded to the Back-end. It only takes a few seconds to transfer a few hundred data points from the wristband to the back-end.

Data is uploaded securely with TLS encryption. In the back-end, personal data is strictly separated and automatically deleted after the retention time of 30 days. To protect employee privacy, access policies and well-designed APIs make sure that even administrative users cannot access the raw contact data at any time.

Uploading data via app

Motivate Employees to Practice Social Distancing

Every single person counts in the fight against the pandemic. So we make each one’s contribution transparent and even make it a little bit fun.

Individual users can check their own social distancing behavior and compare themselves against others in the organisation.

To motivate individuals to become even better in social distancing, a “Social Distancing Score” is calculated from the number and duration of contacts. There is also a score that is higher the more regularly the wristband data is uploaded.

As individual, you can see in detail how many near-distance contacts you had in the past 30 days.
The dashboard also allows to compare your own number and duration of near-distance contacts against those of your colleagues.

Dashboard for individuals

Monitor Compliance to Distancing Rules

Contact Tracer - Dashboard for the Organization

So, you have set up distancing rules in the organization. But do you know whether people stick to these rules? Use this dashboard to continuously monitor compliance.

As organization user, you can monitor how many near-distance contacts have occured in the past 30 days.
You can also anonymously remind people via email of the distancing rules who had a high number of near-distance contacts. The dashboard also helps you to understand whether people regularly upload the data from the wristbands.

For privacy reasons, the system never gives access to the contact data of individuals.

Inform People who were Exposed

When a positive test result is submitted to the system, people who had contact to this person get notified via email. Following the link in the email, individuals can see on this report how much contact they had to the person who was tested positive.

Relevant details of the submitted case like the date of the test or the date at which first symptoms appeared the first time are provided based on the selected privacy settings.

The report summarizes how many and how long an individual hat near-distance contact in the days before the positive test result.

Contact Tracer - Exposure Report

One last word about Privacy

We take privacy really serious. Tracing back contact between people with technology should not be taken too lightly. In these days, organizations have a great responsibility to protect their employees from harm. But we cannot not take it for granted that employees feel comfortable with being tracked by technology.

Therefore, docoyo gives the promise and commitment that the docoyo Contact Tracer will never give individual contact details and history to anybody else without the consent of the involved people. This even applies in case of a proven infection. In our solution, nobody shall be forced to disclose personal health data. Instead, we count on the understanding and support of each individual in the fight against the pandemic.

Learn what docoyo Contact Tracer is capable of and request a free demo!