Track work pieces, products and assets in real-time. The localization is available indoors in your factory and outdoors on the street.


Collect the history of your processes in logistic and production over years. Access all required information anytime.


Determine the current warehouse occupancy without a manual stock check process. Always get alerted before incomplete orders are shipped.


Our self learning system informs you about all suspicious events. In addition, customizable dashboards allow you to combine the key metrics you need.

Combine tracking technologies

docoyo.Trackable links orders, work pieces or assets
with Bluetooth-Beacons, NFC-Tags or ordinary Barcodes.
Cost efficient and flexible.


Automatic positioning

By use of Bluetooth-Beacons orders can be tracked and positioned without manual interaction. A Bluetooth-Scanner has a range of up to 30 m and is easily integrated in your production setup. It allows an automatic recognition of tagged objects within its detection range.


Continue using approved technology

Barcode-Scanner work hand in hand with RF-Based tracking technologies. Continue using your approved Barcode-based labeling and only apply additional technologies where it makes sense.

Smartphone Indoors

Smartphone as

Our smartphone app can be used to explicitly scan Barcodes or NFC-Tags, as well as continuously scan Bluetooth-Beacons. Further, a smarphone can be used to interact with docoyo.Trackable to show context relevant informations or provide additional input like tags or linkage infomation.

Smartphone Outdoor

Track shipments

Our smartphone app allows you to follow your orders while they are shipped.


Powerful Analytics

Customized visualizations and intelligent algorithms.
docoyo.Trackable provides you with a constant overview of your optimization potentials.


Visualize Processes

How many orders are currently in production?
What is the level of the production buffers?
What is the throughput and idle time of orders?

Our visualization makes it easy to keep track of your production parameters.

If you would like to dig deeper into the data, you have full access to the movement history. Use a BI-Tool of your choice to perform data explorations and build machine learning models.

Anomaly Detection

Self-Learning System

docoyo.Trackable analyzes and learns the usual flow of your production. Anomalies can be reported, so that you can react appropriately.

Once you have gathered a significant amount of tracking data, we can additionally support you to build machine-learning models. These prediction models can anticipate the time to complete orders and bottlenecks in your production flow.


docoyo.Trackable is build on top of open interfaces.
You can seamlessly connect your IT systems.


For your Webpage

Our RESTful API is the preferred way, to integrate tracking informations into modern applications e.g. your Webpage.


For BI-Tools

Our Database-Interface allows you to run flexible evaluations with your BI-Tools.

Message Broker

For Realtime-Analytics

Our Message-Queueing interface allows to react to tracking events with low latency. Trigger custom processes or react to failures


For Legacy-Systeme

Our file-based interface allows for a maximum of compatibility. Even your legacy application can use it ingest tracking informations and get notified if changes occur.

Flexible Deployment

With docoyo.Trackable you decide, what is important:
The comfort of the cloud or the locality of data.


Cloud Hosted

You like the comfort of the the cloud?

docoyo.Trackable is build for cloud deployment. This way you can set it up with minimal effort for your IT. Only the Bluetooth scanner, Barcode reader and Scanner is used on site.

Do not worry about hosting, scaling and updating docoyo.Trackable. We make sure that it works reliably.

Cloud On Premise

Standalone and local

You care for the locality of data?

docoyo.Trackable can be fully deployed in your network. This way you keep in control of your data all the time.

We assist you to self-manage docoyo.Trackable. Our updates and support is provided via a secure VPN connection in agreement with you.


We work fast and transparent. This is how our next steps could look like.


We present you our solution and talk about the best technology setup for your applications. Immediately after this, we define the extend of an on-site test and present you with a lightweight proposal for a test phase.

Informal Request

1/2 Day

On-Site Test

We deploy a test system with the technology of your choice at your site and introduce your to our base functionality. You start to gather experience before you decide to transfer the system into production. After the testphase, we provide you with an offer that best supports your business case.

2-4 Weeks


You are satisfied with docoyo.Trackable and decided to introduce it to your company. We will prepare the introductions with you by providing needed adaptations and custom visualizations that perfectly serve your use-cases, upon request. In addition, the integration with your existing ERP-System is part of this phase.

ca. 1 Month

Productive Use

The system is integrated into the infrastructure and the productive use starts. We further assist you with support, maintenance and updates on a regular basis.

Productive Use
as long as you like

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